Monday, June 1, 2015

iM4U 2015 : The Day

The programme ran smoothly.
I arrived at the site at 7am. I was running here and there because that's how a paranoid project manager should be. lol.  

The event was officiated by the Hon Minister. We provide free health check up services including pap smear, healthy lifestyle exhibition, talk on entrepreneurship, interactive booths on entrepreneurship, fun dance by my colleague, a Zumba trainer, FREE MARKET (the coolest of all!), futsal tournament, sukaneka, pertandingan menyumpit, interesting demonstration by Fixie Family using *duh* fixie and bar street workout (second coolest).
Items for the Free Market
Free basic check up. The Pap Smear was performed in the nearby Klinik 1Malaysia
Bar street workout
The event was a success.
I went home and sleep. It was an exhausting two months preparation.

I wish all the best for the next year's team :)
Oh BTW, our programme was captured in today's newspaper.

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