Monday, June 22, 2015

I miss Corporate Club

I missed all the fun activities with the Corporate Club.
While re-arranging my folders, I came across a few photos. I am putting it here before I delete the downloaded files from my PC.

We had a lot of adventurous outdoor activities together. 
  We had over the top themed dinner parties annually.
And.. we have regular sports tournament on weekends. It was not just US. It involved the whole family. My kids grew up with them. My husband was really close with the rest of my colleagues. He usually played for my futsal / volleyball team as I was busy chasing the kids.
I think 90% of the members were already transferred to various agencies all over the country. The best thing is, wherever we go, there will be someone we knew from the Club, who shares the same memories, to have a cuppa with.

I was asked a question last week - to describe in one sentence, what was the best experience I had in my previous office. My answer to him was simple - Nura, Mispi, Rose, Nadia and Che Lah. That's all. It summed up my best memories in MHLG.

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