Monday, June 23, 2014

Post 1M4U : Green Ambassadors

After coming home from the 1M4U event, the kids (Nabil, Nazreen, Nazran, Haziq, Sarah and Jaja) were still pretty excited with their gardening sets. Who wouldnt? It is extremely cute!

My husband helped my mom to plant Pandanus amaryllifolius which I bought at the 1M4U event. Following that, the kids started to work on my mom's herb garden. Then they became a bit territorial over the small strip of land at the back of my parent's house.
Before they started to argue with each other, my husband prepared some plant pots and soil mix so they could do their own stuff in their own pots. We gave two each.

We dont have to teach them how to do it. They still remember clearly what they supposed to do. It is quite impressive to see them handled the soil and vulnerable plants with care.
Baby Nazmi loves gardening. I can tell.
We prepared plant tag for everyone using corrugated plastic board for it could withstand water/moisture. They write their names and shove the tags into the soil, halfway. They were tasked to water the plants everyday.
Green Ambassadors in the making. I am proud.

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