Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post 1M4U : Herbs!

I dont know when does it started but right now I am crazy about edible garden. (No, I am not alone. My husband is as crazy as I am right now..syyy...)

I bought these precious herb plants at the 1M4U event.
I bought rosemary, basil, oregano, daun sup (what it is called in English? - pls leave a comment), turmeric plant and pandanus. I also got a few local herb plants for free from the committee - halia bara, tongkat ali and limau purut. The other one is called sabung nyawa, I think. I dont know what it is used for but the plant is beautiful so I took it home.


fazianbatrisyia said...

daun sup tu bukan parsley ke? happy gardening

Anonymous said...

if I'm not mistaken it's called chinese coriander.. lovely to see all these herbs :)

Nurul said...

yes. Chinese coriander. tq.

Fazianbatrisya, tq. But parsley lain. Ada juga pokok parsley that day.

nihadriz said...

rasanya ada jugak sebut flat-leaved parsley. but well, janji tak tertukar dengan corriander heheheh~