Monday, March 3, 2014

Solar System

Yesterday, I taught the kids about our solar system. It was difficult at first because there are too many components in the solar system (apart from the planets). I decided to focus only on the eight planets. (No, Pluto is not a planet anymore since 2006 - it is a dwarf planet now).

First, I showed them the arrangement of planets in the encyclopedia. Then, we watched the whole solar system moving (planets orbiting the sun, the moons orbiting the planets, asteroids come and crushed planets, etc) in the internet.

And the fun part begin. They searched for nine round-based/cylindrical items and trace the circle around it, to drew the planets and sun of different sizes. They coloured it according to the photos on the internet. Then they stick the planets on the inner side of a box. #recycle
Nabil wrote the name of each planets, cut it and stick everything onto the wall.
Our little solar system in the kids' room. To make them memorise it easier, we listened to The Planets Song all night. It kinda stuck in my head until now.

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