Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raya Landscape

I have spent a couple of hours gardening last Saturday. It was truly therapeutic. I helped Nazreen to grow his onions, plant some coriander and transfer all decorative plants as well as ulam raja from the poly bags to proper vase. Re-planting the decorative plants into small vases took longer than I expected, but I satisfied with the outcome (far below) :)
My husband was busy trimming the grass in front of our house, then he laid two bags of soil before putting the new grass we bought a week before. We planned to buy three unit but they only have two left, so Nazran and Nazmi helped to arrange the river stones and pebbles to cover the soil around the grass.
Our green wall, before and after. 

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MumMe said...

I am currently start to grow my lateral garden too...I like the fact that yours is edible...I likeeee