Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fall 2015 : International Check-in

Guide for new students.

For international student of the University of Manchester, you need to do International Check-In upon your arrival in Manchester. You need to fill-in personal information and upload your passport photograph online via MyManchester. The details on how to log in, the user name and how to set up the password will be emailed by the University prior to your departure.

If you did not manage to complete the online information, no problem. They have a group of Welcome Week committee to help you to register before the check-in.

When you arrived, you have to go to the Whitworth Building on the Oxford Road (the beautiful old building) for your check-in. Bring along your passport, the BRP and the offer letter. You need to make a full payment during the check-in. In my case (HLP), the payment was made by JPA directly to the University. The Committee then key-in a few information, capture your photograph and print the student card. 

After that, you are good to go. You are officially the student of The University of Manchester (because you have the Card ;p).

With the card, you need to go to the SSC, get them to prepare a set of VERY IMPORTANT LETTERS:
- to open a bank account; and
- to get exemption from the Council Tax.

The first letter for the bank had a minor error (it missed 'binti' and was rejected by the bank) so I got them print the second one with the 'binti'.

The previous letter, was a bless in disguise. It was really useful when I was asked for a proof of house address for my sons' school registration and our registration with the General Practitioner (GP). 

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