Thursday, August 30, 2018

My Masters Dissertation

It has been a while since we came back from the UK. I have so much to share about our life here but I have not completed my posts about the UK. 

Anyway, this is the hardcover copy of my dissertation for my Masters of Science in International Development: Globalisation, Trade and Industry from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. I have submitted it via Turnitin to the University. These hard covers were for submission to Public Service Department (JPA) and my office's library.

Public Governance and the Economic Upgrading in the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Global Production Network

Sis bangga ya dapat siapkan dissertation yang komplikated ini dan di proof read oleh orang UK pulak tu dengan minor corrections on the articles (a, the). 

I need to print one copy for myself.

I regret I did not properly printed and bound a copy of (1) My dissertation for my Bachelor of Science (Architecture Studies) - it was on Wayfinding for People with Low Vision in Healthcare Facilities (or something like that); (2) My independence studies for my Bachelor of Architecture on The Design and Wayfinding of Mosques in Kuala Lumpur (Case Study of Masjid Wilayah) and (3) my thesis for my Bachelor of Architecture - Riverside Civic Centre in Klang

Item (3) is a study on that particular building typology, the historical context, concept, building design, layout and construction technology. We have to not only came out with the thesis, but with full colour presentation boards on the building design (plan, elevations, sections, perspective, blow-up perspective, detailed drawings, sketches, etc). I have posted about the thesis 3D Monochromatic Model here and conceptual diagram here.

It drives me crazy thinking that I didnt compiled the thesis properly back then. Still regret it tho. A few days before the submission, my fiance stayed up to help constructing the model. Then my engineer friend, Jai, stayed up the night after to complete the wiring and ambiance lighting for my model. My mom stayed up until the morning of the submission day to help me with my presentation boards. Ko bayangkan la berapa ramai yang terpaksa tak tidur nak bantu siapkan tesis ni.


lina said...

Nurul, Subanallah congrats dearly...proud of you :)


Thank you!Lamanya tak jumpa!