Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School Break : Picnic @ Titiwangsa Lake Garden

It is Malaysia Day and my husband have to work. 
After my husband left for Fraser's Hill, I prepared some food and asked my kids to gather some books, caps and a mat, and put it in the car. 

They have no idea what we are about to do because we rarely went for a picnic. I prepared some beef wraps, mushroom soup, hot chocolate, plenty of plain water and some biscuits.
They were extremely excited once I drove into the lake garden area. They saw the lake, fountains, horses, people jogging, cycling and families having great time together. It took a while for us to find a shady spot but once we found it, IT IS PERFECT.

Opposite the lake - separated by the jogging track, not too close because Nazmi would definitely be running towards the water. Shaded. Close to other families - this is important considering that I am alone, taking care of four handful sons.
They enjoyed their food very much. Then they read some books. Nazreen took out his sketch book and draw the scenery for a while. 
After that, I let them play for a few hours at the playground. 
I thought bringing four sons for a picnic by the lake, alone, will be a nightmare but it went smoothly. It was easy. We can do this again :) You could do it too.

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