Friday, September 5, 2014

Deco Makan-makan Raya @ MyDivision

My colleagues has requested for my help for the office deco. The theme is Raya in Kampung. I had an online discussion with some of my colleagues and prepared plans for the deco but 3 days prior the event, I had eye infection. Dang.

I went to the office at night with my kids the night before the event to bring all the stuff required for the deco (oh yes, I really felt bad that I couldnt help) but to my surprise, they have decorated the lobby and the makan-makan area beautifully.

Although I didnt manage to join them for the deco work, I am glad they have incorporated some of my ideas in their new deco plan:
 Clockwise: 5S board as the backdrop (I have different design but I cant make it so they came out with the kain pelekat stuff - neat). My signature banana tree (here). Food label incorporating our division members' names. Neat, huh? - then they came out with Kampung Dang Wani since our senior director's name is Wani. 

The whole thing came out together beautifully and inter-related. Other deco includes:
Kain batik and langsir for kampung-kampung feeling, traditional games corner - batu seremban, tutup botol, congkak and traditional house model. That's my pelita ayam over there.

The whole division was wearing kampung attire. It was so cool. Well done guys.
Now I can resign. I am tired of the decorating work.


rose said...

pokok pisang tu!!!!

Nurul said...

Pokok pisang yang kita tanam di Pusat Bandar :)