Thursday, August 28, 2014

KAED : Heritage Studies Exhibition 2014 : The cool setup

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Entry on going to Heritage Studies exhibition with kids (here).

I always love to come to KAED whenever I heard about any exhibition. I got a couple of friends who are working as lecturers there so, I got the news quite fast. These are what I have captured during Heritage Studies Exhibition 2014 last week. By architecture students.

It was one cool exhibition. I like the idea of rustic scaffolding holding together their precious works of art. Juniors, you are the best! Keep it up.
Love the red cube with lighting inside. It creates brilliant shadows. Looks great both from inside and outside.
Love the entryway with white branches and arches. Nice combination of hard rustic scalffolding and organic branches. Contrast in colour and shape. The floating umbrella? I think that was the favourite element in KAED. Seen that a lot in various exhibition in KAED but this is the first time I saw white umbrellas for this purpose. It married nicely with the other elements used by other groups.
The whole presentation was beautifully narrated and organised. I applaud the effort in craving the geometrical pattern, construct those boxes and the use of the colourful Turkish lamp to break the monotonous.

Actually there were a lot of other cool deco elements done by other groups but since I was carrying baby Nazmi with one hand and capturing photos with another, so most of the photos are bit shaky and blur. Photos above were captured when I let baby Nazmi run freely for 5 minutes.

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