Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Motherhood is relaxing

(putting catchy title on purpose, on a mission to achieve 100,000th hit today. lol)

Last night, the house is clean. Kids are full. We walked together to the stationery store and buy new stationery for the kids because they have exam this week. Just to get them excited to sit for the exam.

We studied together, laugh, sing and play in between.
And we managed to cover the whole syllabus for BM and Math, for Standard 1 and 3.
The most important thing is, have fun while studying with the kids.

Gambar hiasan : Kids on typical weekend after they came back from tuition / reading class.
Clockwise : Baby Nazmi scribbling, Nazreen watching TV, Nazran watching video and eating, Nabil washing everything his brothers left in the sink. lol.

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