Thursday, August 28, 2014


Since we started having our vertical and herbs garden, snails and slugs have been a common visitor to our house. My landscape architect friend said it is a sign that I have developed a balanced ecosystem in my garden. Later, I should expect to have more ants, grasshoppers, butterflies and birds. Wow.

My kids love the snails and slugs but I cant stand looking at the slug. Geli ok. Lembik. Ada dua telinga lembik..euuw.. Recently I found one of them at our living room. These are the kids' artwork (and *cough* mynotetomyhusband *cough*) to mark the day the slug came into our house. lol.
My landscape architect friend's advise:
1.  Burn the soil before I use it since I bought a pre-mix soil with organic fertilizer. It might contains their eggs.
2.   Blend some garlics and a bit of water. Strain the water and spray it to our plants. To keep them off our plants. I think I need to spray my house with that too. lol.


Soleh S said...

Fuyooo~ lintah darat masuk rumah steady je akak. haha :) Your friend punya sarcasm best! Balanced ecosystem...

nihadriz said...

slug ada kuasa turbo!!!

mestilah mummy lari dulu kalau ada kuasa turbo. imagine lintah boleh terbang? eeeekkkkkkkkkk. i pun geli benda2 lembik ni T____T

Nurul said...

#Soleh S.

I lari dulu. geli. lintah terbang. yikes.