Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fall 2015 : Pillow and duvet hunting

After we came home from the grocery trip and had our lunch, I wipe clean the whole house using the baby wipes +_+. We killed a lot of spiders using aerosol spray. We didnt know whether they were lethal or not. They were HUGE. and A LOT. Especially in Nazreen's room. We just kill them all.

After that, we went out to buy pillows and duvets. Luckily we saw a small shop selling pillows and duvet by the road side on our way to our house. We really hope the shop is still open since it is Sunday. And it is already 4pm.

We walked. And walked. And keep praying it is still open. Alhamdulillah. Our rezeki. 
And Alhamdulillah the kids were so strong, physically and mentally going through all these with smile and laughter.

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