Friday, March 4, 2016

Fall 2015 : Visiting our new house

This is our house. 
What we like most is the fact that this house is not facing the main road :) 
We have such a lovely pedestrian walkway and green areas in front of our house.

The previous tenant was, according to the agent, missing in action. They left the house and all their stuff. And never came back. The agent took all their stuff out and put it at the backyard, change the locks and paint the house. The house is spotless clean and looks new.
Those are the stack of previous owner's stuff. The kids retrieved a lot of toys, still in good condition. Some of them still working, with batteries on. Such as the lantern Nazreen was holding down there. Since the previous tenant is a Muslim family, we took their mugs, pots, pressure cooker and other kitchen stuff as well. Those things are really in a good shape. They also left behind buggy and booster seat, which we really need for Nazran, if we were to rent a car.
Our white kitchen. We have a solid wood and tempered glass dining table but no chairs. We managed to retrieve a stool, folded chair, two garden seats and a cabinet from the stack. We love playing scavengers that day!
Learning about different type of waste to go into which bin. Every house is equipped with blue, brown, black and green bin.

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Rupert said...

I like that you are learning about separating waste. We do it too little and I think it is an important part of our foot print on this planet. Keep it up and I will be sharing this with many more. My wife and I have been separating waste for many years now and it feel good to do it.

Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes