Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Moving In Adventures!

Since all of my friends are very successful in their life, career, business, successfully expanding their family and finally got their own place to settle down, some of them asked me on my experience of moving into a new house. I am more than happy to share but you have to read this entry until the end.

First of all, I am not moving into a new house. It is an old house, constructed in 1970. It belongs to my grandparents.

Secondly, it is full of old stuff that I could not throw away just like that because they are valuable to my dad and aunt, be it in term of price or sentimentally. We have to provide space for them and squeeze our stuff in between. Believe it or not, we only have one set of dining ware but we have 4 cabinets of old plates, glasses, tea sets, serving dishes which we didnt even use. I have counted them during the moving in process because I washed every piece of it with my mom. I stopped counting at the 900th piece. There are more.

Thirdly, since the house is legally my sister's now, so, I have to hold myself back from doing major renovation although we are dying to have modern bathroom, conducive cooking area and to repair some parts of the old house.
We just have to make do. So far we are doing fine and we REALLLLLY enjoy decorating the house, re-arrange the furniture once in a while, apply new coat of painting here and there and change the fabrics (curtain, cushion covers, carpet, table runner) to give the interior a new look.

Well, at least we have our own place. That's the most important thing. OK, now you can hit the green round button at the side bar to read on our Moving In AdventuresEnjoy.


princessGarnet said...

blaja nak love the vintage, appreciate the vintage.. nuyu bilalah di hari senang nak datang tea party ni?

1st para ko tu, aku rasa aku ni orang biasa saje, always..

garlic & butter said...

aku tak reti love dan appreciate the vintage..huhu...

ko nak dtg tea paty rumah aku ke, aku kena gi party di rumah ko? aku ok je anytime ko nak datang. bagitahu in advanced :)

semua kawan aku adalah org berjaya tau. ko ada dan dua anak :)

princessGarnet said... aku down tak pasal2. nak marah la ni aishh

garlic & butter said...

kan??? aku pun try juga. forbidden katanya.

ingat lol.