Monday, April 22, 2013

Project 200 : Day 01 - Buy, sift and roast

Project 200 is a baking project for a Majlis Doa Selamat and my son's aqiqah which was held at my in-law's house. I planned to bake 200pcs chocolate chip cookies and 200pcs moist chocolate cupcakes for the guests. 

On Day 01, I picked up my cousin Cuna at her house and went to the bakery supplies shop. It would be difficult for me to do it alone since I need to buy 10kg of flour, 10kg of sugars (castor, brown, icing), A LOT of butter, a few kg of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, almond slivers and other ingredients - with a 2 months old baby in a sling. We manage to do it in less than one hour because I need to pick up the kids from school and she needs to pick her dad up at the LRT station.
In the evening, after the kids went to their sekolah agama, I went out with my mom (and of course, baby Nazmi) to search for cookie bags and goodie bags for the guests. At night, after the kids went to bed, I sifted all flour and cocoa powder, and roasted almond slivers. The whole process ended at 3am.

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