Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project 200 : Day 05 - Pipe it

On Day 05, I bake another batch of cupcake early in the morning. It took me one hour to mix and bake around 50pcs of cupcake. Day 05 is the last day for preparation because the next day is THE day. I cant decide whether to top the cupcakes with chocolate ganache or buttercream frosting, so I made both.
I pipe the buttercream frosting in circle on top of the cupcake and I fill the void in the middle with chocolate ganache. I purposely made the ganache a bit bitter to balance the sweet buttercream frosting. The first batch of the frosting came out great. The second one...well...I could actually feel the sugar granules. It doesnt fully dissolved and I was only informed after I've pipe over 100pcs cupcakes *sigh*.
I stop half way and went to my office for a farewell makan-makan. I brought 25 extra cupcakes and cookies for my colleagues. I hope they liked it. I always made extra for everybody in the house.
That night, my mom and the kids helped me to pack 200 goodie bags. Then I sent them to my in-law's house. Phew. The end of five intensive baking days. The end of Project 200. Or should I call it Project 200+200?

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