Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project 200 : Day 04 - Mix and bake the lost recipe

On Day 04, I mix and bake over 200pcs of moist chocolate cupcake. I cant find my recipe book so I meditated for a few hours in a very dark, silent room (yeah, right), trying my best to recall the exact measurement for all ingredients (which I actually did in about two minutes). I dont want to google for a new recipe because it might not turned out as what I've expected. It might be dry. Or not as chocolate-y as my signature [cup]cake. Other recipe might require a mixer while mine doesnt.
One thing about my recipe is it went through a few experiments - on temperature, different cooking time (for steam/waterbath or oven-bake), type of tray (silicone or aluminum), size of the cup (2oz, 4oz, etc) or tray (if I wanted to bake the whole cake) and the measurement for each ingredient (dont make me start on this) - before I ended up with the right taste and texture of the cake. Well, at least right for me.

For the first batch, I only mix half of the measurement and bake a few pieces just to make sure that I am on the right track. I was right. and for the next 5 batches, they turned out great. 

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