Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1M4U 2014 : The preparation

I am the project leader for the Greening of the Urbanscape for 1M4U held in June. Click here for the previous post. For kids, we have organised a Green Ambassador programme. Gonna talk about that in separate post.

Banner / bunting design
I worked closely with the graphic designer on the banner and bunting designs. Honestly I want to do it myself but I didnt have the time. I am a micromanager and I am trying my best to change slowly. I ran here and there to get the approval for the designs and once I have obtained the approval, I ran to the printing shop to get it printed. It took 24 hours to complete.

Button badges
I designed a button badge for the kids, to make them PROUD to be our Green Ambassador. I emailed design to my friend, Tengku Azam, who has a printing company and the badges completed the next morning. I picked them up at 9pm. 

On weekend prior to the event, me and my committee went out separately to buy some items for our programme. I am in-charge for prizes for Green Ambassador's drawing and colouring competitions. I bought educational Illusion Science sets and story books for main prize winners and all participants will receive a magic colour sets.

Gardening sets
My committee, Eylia went to IKEA to buy the sets. There was a bit of miscommunication on the figure and she agreed to turned back. I owed her big time. We have chosen the CUTEST gardening set for the Green Ambassadors! I WANT ONE!!
We packed the gardening set together with latex gloves and face towel for each kids. 

We gave a token of appreciation to other agencies. My friend have extra goodie bags for kids from her previous charity event and she decided to distribute them during this event. Thank you.

Competition areas
I printed labels for both competitions. It was held at my office's lobby. There were two sofa sets at the lobby but the handsome logistic team managed to transform the area overnight.
The team worked hard to prepare the tools and three event areas for my program. Thank you! I went back at 10pm on the night before the event to make sure everything is in place for tomorrow :)

I came extra early on THE day with 6 kids. They helped me to bring down 20 empty boxes and prepare the venue for herb planting programme for Green Ambassadors. Great job!
I am grateful for all contribution and assistance I received from everybody to make this event a success. Alhamdulillah.

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