Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ramadhan at my office

Ramadhan at my office is the best month of the year.

Earlier this month (Ramadhan), we have Ihya Ramadhan event. There were tazkirah, nasyid performance, tadarus with the Hon Minister and Zuhur congregational prayer.
Everyone received a box of dates and Islamic books.
I joined tadarus AlQuran ever year with the same group. We have another 17 pages to go! yay!
Then there was Iftar. I went there with the whole family. TokPa sat at our table and had a chat with my family.
My kids perform full tarawikh that night and they received duit raya from TokPa. We bring home a plenty of moreh's food. See that three small kids with brown baju melayu below? That's them. I didnt join them because I was running around chasing baby Nazmi.
Today, there were Kulliyyah Ramadhan on Halalan Toyyiban (food) and distribution of bubur lambuk and gulai kawah by TokPa. 
I also received a box of dates from UAE's Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, as last year. Today's rezeki. Bubur lambuk, gulai kawah and dates. Alhamdulillah.
Every night throughout Ramadhan, my office prepared iftar for those who stayed back (officers, maintenance office, guards, police officers). 

(still waiting a photo from my friend).

It is a very fulfilling month. I love Ramadhan at my office.

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