Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raya 2014 preparation


No baju raya.
No kuih raya.
No langsir raya.
No sarung kusyen raya.
Nothing for the house.

Carpets are all in carpet washing shop. Dont know when it will be ready.
Microwave still at the repair shop. How are we going to reheat the Raya meal for guests?
Tiles at the kitchen are falling down. I do care but I have no time to deal with that.
We took out kitchen cabinet doors - it was eaten by termites - and everything is left exposed. I didnt know when I could sew a tiny curtain to hide the clutter in that area.

The house is currently a shipwreck. Having four active kids in the house, it is impossible for ONE particular thing to be left untouched. Everything migrates. Cushions, towels, pillows, toys, books, even our sofa moves. Putting a vase on the table is impossible. Nazmi will always end up ON the table with flowers IN his mouth.

Last weekend, I manage to clean up our porch. Before, it was quite hard because we have pest infestation issue. There used to be a lot of cock******s, rats and lizards everywhere but after the pest control work, they are gone. I can clean the whole porch without having to run or scream. I am a Katsaridaphobic

My husband manage to do some wiring work for lampu raya. I want lampu raya since forever. 
He also bought a new AC unit for our bedroom. And install another unit at our living room. 
He also finished installed our tiny green wall frame at our grill. I need to do some gardening work after this.
He has also arranged for our neighbour, Aril to re-paint our old gate. We hope it will look nicer in black.Thank you for that.

I have installed a black curtain at the living room but he requested for the old one because he prefers the stripes. "Striped curtain brings all components of the living room together", he said. Wow. I didnt know he is that poetic.


mye said...

gambar raya manaaaaaaaaa

kayla said...

nuyu u still blog! yeayyyyy!!!! instagram did not take away ur blogging mojo like it did for me! hahaha :) betul kata mye tu, mana gambar lampu lip lap n pagar? and kelakar okay ada "bleep" pulak ada ****roaches hehehehe

Nurul Ramly said...

Aku takde instagram.

Gambar2 lain tak sempat ambil lagi. Separuh rumah masih shipwreck huhu