Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Winter 2015 : Freaked out at the museum

I passed by the Manchester Museum everyday since it is located next to my school. One day, before I go home after my class, I decided to visit the museum for a while. I told my husband to pick me up a bit later.

The main exhibition was on 'The Gift For God' = mummies. There were a lot of cat, bird (photo below) and crocodile mummies. I freaked out when I saw a lot of mummified cats, so I quickly walked to the other section.
There are vivarium, dinosaur skeletons, planets and other interesting exhibits. These are the kind of things that I teach my kids everyday. 
....and my 'a while' is actually more than one hour!
It is very interesting that I told my husband that the kids should go there THE NEXT DAY!

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