Friday, May 20, 2016

Winter 2015 : Storm D E F

In December, we welcomed Storm Desmond (5-6 Dec), Storm Eva (24 Dec) and Storm Frank (29-30 Dec). These are some of the headlines from the Manchester Evening News:

Although we missed the worst of Desmond (Cumbria was the worst hit), we still get strong wind (strong as in you feel the wind could possibly blew off your roof anytime) and torrential rain. Maybe we got stronger wind because we are on the hill.

Eva gave us Boxing Day flood in the Greater Manchester. We didnt aware about that. We initially planned to go out but then we decided to stay at home. Little that we know that areas around us were submerged and there is no way out from here. River Irwell bursts its banks, Salford and city centre were flooding, Rochdale was submerged. Luckily we live on a hill. AlhamdulillahMe and the kids were on break so I didnt have to endure the flood in the city to go to the class. I just follow the update on the net while doing my essays. 

Frank, we missed him. But we still got the strong wind and rain. How people in the UK put up with these all this while...+_+ Storm after storm after storm banging our windows while I was doing my essays at night. The feeling is really unsettled.

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