Monday, December 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday : Apple crumble

I was bored and I WA-ed my friend telling that I feel like eating apple crumble. In the next five minutes, I found myself peeling apples in the kitchen +__+
Nabil, as usual, in-charge of dicing the apples. (yes, there is a pear in the photo but we didnt put it in the apple crumble. Nabil ate it). I used 2:2 ratio (red : green) so the sourness of the green apple will balanced out the sweetness of the apple+sugar.
Nicely diced apples with a hint of cinnamon powder.
I prepared the crumble. I still need a lot of practice. I never made perfect crumble. It is not even near-perfect ;p
After 45 minutes. Tada!


lina said...

lina pernah try buat tp tak berapa menjadi juga....seronok tengok anak2 turut menolong....

Nurul said...

Kena buat lagi nampaknya :)