Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some observation

During a wedding last weekend... A wedding photographer made a rude remark to the wedding cake maker in front of me and a few others,"You shouldnt put too much icing on the wedding cake. I could only taste the icing when I ate it. That kind of cake is only suitable for a birthday party".

First, the baker never commented on your photography technique especially when you captured a shot from below and make the groom's nostril as huge as a sinkhole in Bosnia.

Second, you should respect others' area of expertise. As far as I am concern, the baker has been on TV a couple of times and featured in newspapers and a lot of magazines. 

Third, MAYBE the groom ordered that kind of cake? 

Fourth, why on earth did you ate the wedding cake while no one else touched it, not until the event ended later that evening?

What I like most about the baker is...he just smile.

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