Tuesday, December 3, 2013

United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3 December every year is United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities. I have soft spot for United Nations since I have been working with/for them for almost 8 years.

I am sharing interesting photos during my trip to Perth, Australia. Unlike other people who enjoy shopping or eating while traveling abroad, I personally love to capture the details and observe the locals. 

Some interesting details for person with disabilities at Point Fraser, Perth. Upon entering the park, I was impressed by the folded space adopted by the designer which in the same time, accessible for the person with physical disabilities and wheelchair. All ramps are of perfect gradient! I went there with my Deputy Minister and I could tell by the look of her face that she was so surprised seeing me running up and down the ramp, whenever there was a ramp (it is A LOT when you have a folded space).
The repetition of railing and tactile pavements makes a good visual impression and does not seen as a facilities for persons with disabilities. 
The reason being is that they use a lot of repetitive elements in the park, so the special facilities appear to be as part of the concept.
I love the fact that they use different colour, texture and material for the pavement.
Story-telling about the past, in Braille, for persons with visual disabilities. I love how they turn the seat into an interactive element in the park.
They also have the history-telling in Australian aboriginal language and English. 
Another subtle presentation of the history. They even have it on the ground!!! Awesome idea in turning history into the landscape element. You will learn a lot as you walk further into the park, regardless if you are a person with disabilities, aborigine, local or tourist (provided that you understand English ;p)
And lastly, of course, the famous Liberty Swing for wheelchair users. 
Happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities!
Let's have more of these facilities in our country!


mye said...

wah. liberty swing! how does that work? first time dgr!

Nuyu said...

Please visit : http://www.libertyswing.com.au/

The world's safest and most recognised swing for children and adult on wheelchair.