Monday, December 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday : Special beef gulai

My late grandma used to cook this special beef gulai.

(From wikipediaGulai is a type of food containing rich, spicy and succulent curry-like sauce commonly found in Indonesia and Malaysia. The main ingredients might be poultrybeefmutton, various kinds of offals, fish and seafoods, and also vegetables such as cassava leafs and unripe jackfruit.)

I am so fortunate because I was living with her since I was small and throughout secondary school (after my grandpa passed away), I cook dinner with/for her every single night. We will discuss on recipes and ingredients or sometimes, she asked me to cook whatever she feels like eating (most of the time - spaghetti bolognese and nasi goreng belacan). Sometimes she will asked me whether I am up for a challenge. It means that she wanted to cook something difficult and it usually takes a longgg time. I never turned her down :) That was when my passion for cooking started. And it was not easy cooking for the expert. 

Traditional food, in particular, Kelantanese dishes are quite hard to make, well, at least for me. I manage to learn a few from her. This is one of them. I made it last Saturday. Special beef gulai. nope, it's not kerutup, it's not gulai darat. i dont know what it is. that's why I called it special.

Early in the morning, I started to prepare the ingredients. It took me almost one hour to process the meat.
I made the paste from scratch. This is the key process. The whole thing will go wrong if you are not doing this process right.
After blending everything and cook it for a few minutes in the pot, I put in 2kg of diced beef. Then I add some water and coconut milk before let it simmer for 3+ hours. I checked the gulai in between doing laundry, mopping and feeding the kids.
I sent some of it to my parent's. If my aunt knew I cooked this, she will arrived in 5 minutes with a huge tupperware. lol.

It supposed to have more dried chillies, but considering my kids will eat it, I use less. BUT, it doesnt taste the same. It should have more chillies.

Al-Fatihah for my late grandma.


lina said...

sedap nya nurul....itu semua rempah yg perlu di blend dan tumis kan...lepas tu ada letak rempah kari tak....nak cuba :)

Nurul said...

I missed gambar serai sebab masa ambil gambar, tak beli serai lagi.

The amount of rempah ratus used is for 2kg daging. Tak letak rempah kari.

Just tambah air asam jawa, gula & garam afterward.