Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last minute organisational chart

I started to feel that entries and photos on food slowly taking over this ART blog.
But after thinking about it for a while.... Cooking is a form of art. Food photography is totally an ART by itself. So, there you go. 

I was invited to a management retreat last week. The task given is simple. Mindmap the whole thing. It was such a fascinating event. I wanted to share everything about it in this blog but I didnt know where to start. Hmm...

Anyway, I will start with this. The last minute request for an organisational chart. The instruction given was simple - produce a huge hand-drawn organisational chart, with no names and a bit of space, large enough for people to stick their dots. This is the sketch. How are you going to translate that? :)
This is what I came out with within the time stipulated. I printed their photos from the net. No names, right? I got help from Ustaz, Mufsi, Aju and Mr Zainal to draw some lines and colour the block letters because I was mapping a discussion at that time. Thank you, guys. Although it was hard to control the outcome when 4 people were working on single sheet at the same time (different strokes, wrong colour coding, etc) but the SecGen said it is perfect. 
The exercise. Senior officers should indicate their involvement under specific programmes and pillars by sticking coloured round stickers with their initials, under the activity leaders' photos. By the end of this exercise, they will be able to see how they relate to others' work and how they could contribute in helping the leaders to achieve their desired outcomes and KPIs. Sounds complicated, right? Just focus on the chart, that's the main thing I am telling you about now. Let them deal with the complicated stuff.
The completed exercise.
Love the dots!

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