Thursday, November 28, 2013

Food : SIL's visit

Last weekend, my SIL and her family staying over at my house. These are the breakfast. Quesadilla. Special request from my BIL. He likes it very much. Angel hair spaghetti and beef bolognese with extra everything (beef, mushroom and cheese), and peeled rambutans.
My SIL and her family went out around 11am, so, for lunch, I only prepared grilled kerang and grilled mentarang for my family since we had a heavy breakfast earlier. 
To tell you the truth, I am quite worried when I have people staying over because I didnt know whether they like my cooking or not. Well, maybe because we had no one staying over before. After my FIL and MIL moved to Kluang, we had family members coming every weekend (my MIL will arrive tomorrow for two nights stay. And she'll come again the next week. My SIL and BIL came last weekend. The weekend before that, they all came together..).

I guess after a few rounds of entertaining them, I will be okay. InsyaAllah.


lina said...

nurul don't worry sure sedap.....

Nurul said...

I really hope so :)