Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My cousin's wedding : the rehearsal

My cousin's solemnization ceremony was held on 7 Nov 2013.

My husband, as usual, was in-charged for the make up artist, wedding dress and photography. She said my cousin is thus far the easiest bride to work with because she picked her wedding dress in only 5 minutes. I am so thankful no bridezilla exists in my beautiful family.

I was the Master of Ceremony cum the floor manager for the reception. I was so excited to see the ballroom during the rehearsal.
I've MCed a couple of national and international events before, but that was my first time doing wedding. It was truly a nerve-wrecking experience because I could totally ruined someone's beautiful wedding day by reading the wrong lines (I read the script from my smartphone screen - it is so tiny..) or pronouncing their names wrongly (I have trouble pronouncing the groom's name). Nevertheless, the rehearsal went well. Both families were happy with the script and with the whole flow. yay.

These are the photos of floor manager of the rehearsal (my husband) in action:
He is very particular about the whole movement, they way they walk, position, posture and all because he is trying to capture the best photo for the event (and because the newly-wed were still quite awkward holding each others' hand). When it comes to work, he is very serious. I am not surprise when [a couple of times] people hired him to be a photographer for akad nikah, they ended up asking him to also be in-charge for the whole process - who sit where, when to pass the ring, what's next..

He is not just a photographer.

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