Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It has been a while...I know.
A lot of important events happened, one after another and believe me, I HAVE A LOT TO WRITE. I am going to start with Rambutan. A juicy non-climasteric tropical fruit. It is slightly grape-like and gummy to the taste.

My SIL and her family spent a night at our house last weekend. They bought a huge bag full of freshly-picked rambutans. I put them in three fruit baskets. No one eats them. As usual :)
Kids didnt know how to open it. Adults would find it too messy or they only choose the good-looking ones, so I peeled off the rambuts and put it in the refrigerator. Just like my mom always did. So instead of 3 huge fruit baskets on our dining table, I ended up with only 2 medium-sized bowls of chilled rambutan flesh in the refrigerator.
Did you know that chilled rambutans are so delicious?? It finished in one hour. Yup, the whole thing.

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