Thursday, April 9, 2015

Huge Mind Map Assignment 02 : The Artist Platform

I finally posted this two-year-old draft because I have promised my English teacher today that i will show her the huge mind map. Today is the last day I see her and my handphone was running out of battery. 

First, read about the Huge Mind Map Assignment 01 (here).

Huge mind map assignment - sounds interesting, yes? I was invited to be the mind mapper / sketch noter for the top management meeting in Malacca. The instruction given was simple. Mindmap the whole thing

And "the whole thing" is actually a long list of discussions and debates on international trade, import, export, GNI, GDP, investment, local industries, SMEs and the list goes on.

This is the spot where I supposed to work. I called it The Artist Platform. It is located in front of the hall. 
This is the view from the Platform. Well, that was during group presentation. Before, the boards were not there. I need to see their faces/mouths in order to capture everything they said. Mindmapping is about capturing the gist ON THE SPOT.
This is the (self-proclaimed) artist at work. In her most decent position. I was writing, colouring and drawing like mad because I need to stick the paper onto the wall, once the last person finished his last word. They will go through the map after the discussion. 
The initial plan was for me to draw directly on the paper pinned to a panel but the panel is quite high and I am short +_+. So the markers slanted down a bit and no ink came out after a few strokes. So, I opted for a platform.

The platform comes with the gravity. 


Ida Hussain said...

A true artist :)

Nurul said...

Thank you, Ida.