Monday, April 6, 2015

MRM's Design Competition 2014 and 2015

I have told you that I am a registered designer with Malaysia Design Council or Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) (here).

Last month, my Secretary General, the Board Member of MRM was invited to the Prize Giving Ceremony for Design Competition 2014 and the Launching of Design Competition for 2015. She couldnt attend so I have attended on her behalf. 
The Hon Deputy Minister of MOSTI addressed the crowd and oh boy! doesnt he the funniest politician you have ever met! He is so humble, down to earth and extremely FUNNY! 
Actually I have the plan to participate in 2014's competition. I have drafted the entry in India and plan for my husband to submit it on my behalf but I was quite busy in India and I couldnt finished it on time. Not my rezeki, it is okay. After the prize giving ceremony, the Deputy Minister launched the new design competition for 2015. You can get the details here. 

Then, we were invited to visit the showcase by the winners. I was very surprised to see the level of execution by the students when it comes to their prototypes. Some of the prototypes looks like it was manufactured in a factory! (well, most of industrial design schools has workshop with all these machines and special cutters for prototyping purposes, fyi).
One of the winners is my junior in KAED (below, right). I snapped his photo and sent it to a few lecturers in KAED, including the Dean himself, who happened to be my active WhatsApp companion. You make us proud, brother!

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