Thursday, April 9, 2015

Huge Mind Map Assignment 04 : The Conclusion

I was truly grateful to be chosen to perform this task. It was a quantum leap for me. From mindmapping / sketchnoting on A5 to visualised the whole discussion of the top management, on huge papers, for TWO DAYS. I thanked  Alvin Ung, the author of Barefoot Leadership, who has hand-picked me for this task =)
Yes, I know, no blue box on my face
Allah knows how panic I was a week before the event. I didnt know what to anticipate. 

But I did it. Right until today I cant believe I've nailed it! I need to improve on the colour scheme, layout, font thickness and everything. I am still learning. 

This was during the wrap up session. Mr. Ung presented every map to the management, to recap what they have been discussing and debating from the first day and night until the end of day two, and to see whether they have achieved the objectives of the retreat, by looking at the content of these mind maps.
Some of the maps are ok. Some not even up to my standards, but considering the time given, the intensity of the discussions and the size of the paper, I am quite happy with the outcome. 

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