Thursday, July 4, 2013

Afternoon Matinee Show

I just came back from an Afternoon Matinee Show at my office. The hall has been transformed into  a dark and cold mini theatre.
For those who wanted to relax, they opted for bean bags. 
For those who prefer to sit, they went for comfortable settee, huge sofa, office chair or banquet chairs. These are my friends who just joined this office this week - Karimah (brown), Fatima (blue) and Lim (the shy guy). Welcome to this cool office!
They also provide tables at the back for people who came in group. Mamak-style. You cant see much, but you get the idea.
Since I have a lot of work to do, I just sat at the back with the technician and watch the movie from their screen. I didnt want to interrupt others with my [bright] laptop. I know you cant see much there but the screen up there is the technician's and below is mine. I manage to complete a speech for the Hon Deputy Minister during the show.
The best thing about this show is.... THE FREE FLOW OF...
Popcorn. Of course. 
And cotton candy.
Ice blended beverages.
Takoyaki. Om nom nom. Free flow. I repeat. FREE. FLOW.
And pizzas. They are from a pizzeria at the ground floor. (yes, we have a pizzeria at our office). You can just take one box and eat it anywhere.
I just love my office.


Anonymous said...

cool gilaaa...

garlic & butter said...

oh yes.

RS said...

Best giler!!!!!!!

I knew it! Kerja kat hospital x best. Overated jer lebih. Nak tukaq tpt kerja lah mcm ni!!! hohoho

garlic & butter said...

Semua kerja best la.