Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sharing Experience in Myanmar & APEC book

I have attended a talk by Tan Sri Razali Ismail, the former United Nation Secretary-General's Special Envoy in INTAN. He talked about his experience dealing with Burmese junta’s military occupation of Kokang and his mandate to facilitate the implementation of the UN General Assembly resolution 54/186 (google it up).

I never failed to visit the bookshop every time I went to INTAN. Upon entering the bookshop, I experience goosebumps, as usual. Has anyone else experienced goosebumps by looking at huge amount of books? Please leave your comment here. I need to know whether it is normal (whether I AM normal).
I bought this interesting book since I need to attend an APEC workshop in a few days. I read it at the airport. 
In the flight, all the way to Medan. 
And in my hotel room.
I met the writer of the book in Medan. He was one of the speakers for the workshop :)

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