Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The truth is...

The truth is, I have prepared for Raya long time ago because I didnt want to do a last-minute preparation. 

I had re-arranged our dining area, hobby area and living room. The floor is spotless clean and shiny. The cushion and sofa covers are clean and they smell like lavender. I took out all cooking and dining wares and clean them because I plan to re-locate them, to give way to our new oven and deep freezer. Everything. We have done everything.

A few roof tiles were broken during a thunderstorm in May and our roof was leaking. 
It was so bad that you can see the sky when you stand in our hobby area and looked up. Yes, THE sky. Now, imagine how it will be during heavy downpour? 

Have you seen waterfall? Or perhaps a broken pipe where the water is running very fast and you couldnt stop it?

That was what happened in our hobby area. And hallway/reading area. And the third bedroom aka our walk in wardrobe. FLOODED. Like really flooded with filthy i-dont-know-why-it-is-so-black and smelly water.

There goes two sofas, all CLEAN cooking and dining wares, bookshelves, ALL CLOTHES INSIDE THE BEDROOM - WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 8 WARDROBES, two cute reading sofas, tables, laminated timber flooring, ceiling (notice the broken ceiling in the hallway, in the photo below?).... And the list goes on. 
After learning that cleaning the mess is not an overnight work, we just packed the necessities and went to my parent's house. We cant let the kids move around in this dirty house.

We went back to our house more than a month later, just because I was worried the authority will start the cloud seeding process to produce rain, to combat the haze. My husband repaired the roof with Aril's help. My other neighbour helped to clean the whole house (below). That's what neighbours are for. Two days after they repaired the roof, it started to rain....phew.
Out of three areas affected, only one area is still leaking. I guess my husband and Aril had done a good job saving the hobby area and our walk in wardrobe. We still have problem with our hallway/reading area... Anyway, life goes on. WE JUST LET IT BE. I have another 30 days to make the house looks good again.

I really hope to get the house ready for Raya, of course, with the baldi in the hallway :)



dyna said...

Your family, siblings didnt come and help meh?

Sorry to hear that. I will help if I were in KL. Next time I balik kl, I go there.

Nurul said...

We were busy.
Everybody were busy.

Cant wait to meet you, dyn.