Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports Day 2013

I love going to the kids' Sports Day. I love to watch the colourful march past, the sport teams' tents decoration and of course, the track event! Primary school students nowadays are so tiny. When you see those cute tiny little kids (I am using three adjectives, I know) running really fast, competing against each other across the field, it is beyond cute.

Nabil joined the march past for the opening ceremony.
Nazreen competed in 3 sport/games. 
Nazran went back and forth between the field and food stalls.
Nazmi stayed at home with my mom since my husband was away for a photoshoot in Perak.
Nazreen won 1 silver for 4x25m and 2 bronzes for telematch games. He was so proud with the medals and he didnt took it off the whole day. No one else could touches the medals, except for baby Nazmi.

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