Monday, September 30, 2013

Early preparation : 1M4U Charity Event @ Sekendi Orphanage

More info on this program (here) and (here).

Friday afternoon
My family departed for Sabak Bernam on Friday. I have to be there early since Kuala Lumpur is 2 hours away and the programme will start at 8.30am the next day. There are still a lot preparation to be made in Sabak Bernam. Since none of my committee members can stay for a night in Sabak Bernam (Saturday = Family day) so I went there alone, against all odds. I checked in at a resort, 10 minutes away from the orphanage.
Kids were having their lunch in the car

I have scheduled a coaster to send all the boxes, rice and all donated materials to Sabak Bernam on Friday evening. I got help from my colleagues to load everything into the coaster at the office and I have arranged for the orphans to unload everything into the storage area at the orphanage. Alhamdulillah. 
Nabil's new friend, Iwan

Saturday morning
I went to the orphanage early in the morning. The PA system guys was already there. I showed them the area and they started to do their work. 
Shortly after, the caterer arrived with breakfast. I showed him where he supposed to place the banquet tables and he started to do his thing.
The psychology officer who is in charge for the motivational activities arrived and he helped me with the banner. Someone else supposed to do it but he havent arrived. I cant wait even for one more minute. It has to go up immediately before people start coming!
I started to arrange the chairs for the health talk in the library. I got help from the orphans to wipe the dust off the chairs. They seemed so happy to be involved :)
Once everything is in place, I performed a soundcheck. It went well. 

I went back to the resort to fetch my family.

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