Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long lost friend from Guinea

I had a best friend from Guinea when I studied architecture at IIUM. I had mentioned something about him in my previous post (here). We lost contact for a few years and I accidentally got his number from a Guinea student while me and my kids were having a coffee at IIUM's cafe.

OMG, it is such an interesting story..

I went to my friend's open house with my kids (all four of them). My husband was away for two days for a photoshoot. After we had our lunch there, we head back home. It was raining heavily and I decided to make a few detours and let the kids enjoy the fun and laugh longer, in the car. I dont want to get wet while opening the gate, so I plan to drive anywhere until the rain stopped.

Since I miss IIUM so much, I drove the kids there. We made a few stops and took some photos. And lastly, after the rain stopped, we stopped by at one of the cafe and I bought a few hot chocolates and coffees. The kids chose to sit at one of the clean tables in front of the counter, beside an international student. I believe he is an African.

Being an IIUM student, he politely greet me and said something nice about my kids. Then I started to talk about my old days in IIUM. When he said he is from Guinea, without wasting any time, "DO YOU KNOW BARRY MOUCTAR? HE WAS MY BEST BUDDY AND HE IS FROM GUINEA" (it was actually a crazy thing to ask because Guinea is not that small and not everyone would know each other in Guinea. It is like when you met a Swedish engineer in a conference and he knew you are from Malaysia and asked "Do you know Abdul Malik? He is from Malaysia!" - get the point?)

And he said YES

One of his friends who came in afterwards, have Barry's number. He actually remember it by heart - it shows that he contacted Barry A LOT. He told me that Barry was in Malaysia a couple of months back. I text-ed Barry on the spot and he replied back!!!!!! I have been trying to get his number for yearss!

We exchange stories about our family and I am so glad to know that he is a successful architect in Guinea. This is his website - I asked him to visit my blog whenever he is free. And recently,  I got this from him >>
I just posted another entry on food just now :) LOL.

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