Friday, February 6, 2015

1M4U : No more micromanager

I know I am a micromanager, which is not good, and being the manager of the programme this time around really makes me learned to let MOST OF THE THING go. 

I prepared the poster and labels. I designed the promotional graphic for social media too. Button badge? I made them too. Speeches for the Minister, President, the administrative programme, the invitation letter, RSVP, etc. I did that too. Negotiating with DBKL to have free plants and landscaping services, I did that too. What about the food? I choose the caterer and the menu as well. Money? Yes, I asked the money from the Treasurer and made the payment for everything. Kegilaan apakah ini?
When it comes to banner and bunting design, I just cant find suitable time to do it so I gave the wording to our office designer and he designed the whole thing.

It feels good. SERIOUSLY.
It feels good to be able to perform another task knowing that someone else is doing the design and I can have both tasks completed at the same time at the end of the day.

Starting from that day, I learned to trust other peoples' capabilities (but the problem is, they didnt have the level of passion and dedication that I am looking for).

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