Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kids' important events at school

I tried my best not to miss important events at my kids' school. If they are attending.
So far I missed none. I attended all beli buku days, first days, orientation days, sports day, cross country day and a few others. Not only for my kids, but for my nephew and niece as well.

I will usually bring baby Nazmi along so I can pretend to be busy rather than standing awkwardly in a corner, alone, when the kids are busy with their activities.

This was Nazran's orientation day on 12 January 2015.

Nabil at the starting line for cross country running a couple of weeks back. He got #18. My nephew #22, but in different categories.
Fortunately, I accidentally parked my car at the START/END LINE. I can just sit and watch them from the window with baby Nazmi without having to chase Nazmi around. 

Oh he is so handful nowadays.

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