Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday Arts : MICE

Nazreen read this book. He asked me whether they could make some crafty stuff that day.
After went through every project in the book and taking into account available materials, they agreed to make the mouse. Very simple. I could do it in 5 minutes, but of course, doing it with the kids, it took nearly two hours to complete (plus the tantrum and the fight, and waiting for turn to use the scissors and UHU glue). 

I only allowed them to use one pair of scissors and one tube of UHU glue for this project. They need to learn to share and to be patient while waiting for others to complete. At first, they were yelling and shouting, but after a while, they have learned to WAIT and let others finished what they were doing.
These are our Saturday Arts:
A [sheriff] mouse with a brown vest and stars

A mouse with a very heavy bottom.

Cute short-tailed mouse. When your brothers took a long time with the scissors and glue, just use the green label sticker for the nose! lol! creative one.

It supposed to be a cowboy mouse wearing a black jacket and a saddle [yes, I am confused as well]

I was chasing Nazmi around that I didnt have time to cut the mouse's ears and the string for the tail went missing so... it become a bird instead. Nazmi sleeps with the bird.

Nazreen made the silhouette and Nabil prepared the mouse's house (yellow plastic)

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