Friday, February 27, 2015

Delhi : Missing happy hours

During my tenure in the office in Delhi, I went back at 4.30pm (by 5.00pm it started to get dark) every day. I had my dinner, solat, rest for a while - whether lying on the bed looking at the ceiling or replying emails from KL office. Really, nothing interesting on TV. 

We were not allowed to go out of the hotel by ourselves due to security reason, except with the car and driver assigned to us, which the service ends at 5pm everyday.

After relaxing, I went to level -1.
I went to the spa. To access the gym.

Weeknights, usually I will be the only one in the gym. Weekends, will be a bit crowded (4 people at most).
Westerners loves to run realllly fast on the treadmill or lifting weight.
I noticed Koreans and Japanese really love to read in the gym. That's exactly what I was doing too! (here)
After completing this book, I downloaded a few ebooks, enough for a couple of weeks' working out sessions in this gym.
I usually used 3 machines (treadmill, stationary bike and a cross trainer) until 9pm or whenever the gym boy getting restless and keep checking on me every five minutes because he supposed to close the gym at 9pm. lol.

If no one is looking, I will do a bit of weight lifting.

This is what I missed the most in Delhi.
My gym time. 
The sweet smell of the spa next door. The loud music the gym boy played for me whenever my handphone was out of battery and I cant read the ebook.

I lost a couple of dress sizes in Delhi but I gained it back a few weeks after in KL. Go figure.

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