Thursday, June 27, 2013

CSR Programme : Landscaping work

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme organised by my office. The objective is to create a beautiful landscape underneath an overpass at Jalan Duta. As it was organised on Saturday, I decided to bring Nabil along (I am sending a subtle message that Saturday is a day dedicated to my family and if you wish me to be there, I shall bring my kid along).
Thanks to my Secretary General who acknowledged Nabil's presence in her opening speech. Before the opening ceremony, she invited Nabil to sit in the front row and addressed him as 'our VVIP for the day'. Nabil was also invited to have his breakfast at the VVIP table. One lucky kid.
Then we marched to the venue. These are how much plants we need to plant that day. There are two areas involved for this project and the number of plant involved is actually more than these.
Nabil was doing a good job planting the smallest plants.
He met a few nice uncles - Uncle Hazrul and Uncle Peter.
We targeted to plant 100 plants. By the end of the day, we manage to achieve 110! Boy, we are so proud!

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