Monday, June 17, 2013

GSW : Hotel Istana - the food

So much great things to tell about this hotel. Well, since I had the privilege to dine anytime, anywhere, on the house, why not I share a few photos of their great [room service] food?

I had a chance to order three meals to be served in the room (Suhaila ordered more since she missed her meal more often than me due to her duty). 

The trolley is here!! 
My brunch. I couldnt recall its fancy name but it is a very huge burger with thick juicy beef patty, melted blue cheese, caramelised onion and fresh tomatoes. Served with thick potato fries. The bun is very light and crunchy. I ordered chocolate drink to go with the burger. Messy table, I know. I was in between discussion with the Namibian delegates, finishing some paper works and running to the venue to check on the latest event details.
I cant eat everything in one go. I have to stop halfway (for 20 minutes) because the patty is really thick. You are going to feel very full after a few bites. I was so hungry and I thought I can eat TWO of this in one go but I was wrong.
My early dinner before we depart for an event in the evening. I ordered this before I went to the venue to check on the First Lady's seating arrangement and came back one hour later. The food is still hot :) White rice with oxtail asam pedas. Served with some vegetables and authentic sambal belacan. I never knew oxtail tastes great in asam pedas! The meat is so tender, it kinda melt in your mouth.
My lunch. A big portion of fish and chip. Yummy!
I was away at the event venue attending coordination meeting and organising a courtesy call between Malaysian and Namibian Ministers of Women when Suhaila called and asked whether I wanted to order food for lunch. Buffet lunch will be ended once I came back to Hotel Istana. Since I cant remember the room service menu and I am sure fish and chip is a must-have in all hotels' menu, so I just ordered fish and chip. And orange juice.
The fish is so juicy and tender....and delicious...and yummy. And the chips are so HUGE.

Thank you Mr Praba G Menon and Hotel Istana for these tasty food. I really appreciate it.

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