Saturday, June 8, 2013

GSW : I am in Malaysia-lah

It created a bit of chaos when I put this up on my FB wall. Sorry guys. I am not in Namibia. I am in Malaysia, working in Team Namibia. The photo is actually a greeting from me. From my hotel room. To my other Liaison Officer friends - Kosovo1, Kosovo2, Zambia, Laos and Viet Nam (it is easier to address them by the countries they were assigned to).
I am still here. I am just exploring my new phone. I bought it specifically for this assignment. It REALLY HELPS. I have WhatApps group for all LOs to coordinate the movement of our VVIPs, our motorcade arrangement (which country have to arrive first, the one who is arriving later should let other motorcade to pass them) and WhatApps group for Team Namibia consists of our personal security officer, police riders, pilots and hotel. 

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