Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Trip to A Hypermarket

I had a few trips to a hypermarket with my 4 kids. Sometimes it was a bit tricky but most of the time it was fun. But let's not talk about that because all moms did that, kan? So, no big deal.

For this entry, it is extra special. A trip to a hypermarket with my kids plus my nephew, my niece and my little cousin, Jaja. We use three trolleys in total - one for the kids who felt that sitting inside the trolley is more fun than running down the hypermarket aisle (Sarah, Jaja and Nazran), another trolley for baby Nazmi's seat and another one for the grocery items.
Me and my husband split the list and we went different ways inside the hypermarket. He was with baby Nazmi and I ended up with the other two trolleys (pushed by Nabil and Haziq). The kids were having so much fun in the Trolley Race, Trolley Hide-and-Seek, Move-It-Yourself (sit inside the trolley and try to move it yourself), Stay Still  (squat inside the trolley and try not to move when the trolley moves) (oh, I can create all kind of trolley games for the whole day!) and they couldnt stop laughing all the way especially when I asked Nabil to try his new pair of trousers, inside the trolley. They formed a cute children barricade at both side of the aisle to block people from seeing Nabil.

It took double amount of time to shop and dine that day. When they are in a big group, it is actually more manageable. They move together, wait for one another, no one running here and there and trust me, it is not hard at all. Just that they have different timing for nature calls.

At the food court, I have to take their orders using the S Note since I didnt have a good memory as kedai mamak's staff. We went back at 10pm, right after we send Jaja home. 
And I was told not to take my nephew and niece out anymore after this. LOL.


Aliah said...

you must be kidding, right?

garlic & butter said...

which part cik alia?

Aliah said...

The last part. Not allowed to take them out again?

BTW, Jaja is the one in red, right? She is cute.

garlic & butter said...

Yes. Jaja is the one in red.
The last part. LOL.

Becky said...

i laughed reading the list of the trolley games! you are fun, you know that?

keep it up! you are one of the coolest blogger mommy I know! (well, I didnt personally know you but since I came across your blog, I havent stop reading since)

garlic & butter said...

Thank you.

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