Monday, June 17, 2013


GSW was held in Shangri-La and the First Lady's delegation were residing in Hotel Istana. Being the LO of the First Lady, me and the personal security officer (Suhaila) have to be on the same floor, if possible, in the closest room to Her Excellency.

This was my home for a week. Hotel Istana.
(Photo taken from Hotel Istana website)
The lobby & Songket Lounge. I spent a lot of time here, running here and there, waiting, capturing some photos, chatting, utilising the free wifi to email some documents to my office and updating my blog. These were my living rooms for a week.
(Photo taken from Hotel Istana website)
I would like to thank the General Manager of the Istana Hotel, Mr Praba G Menon for taking a very good care of me and Suhaila for the whole duration of our stay there. He said he truly understand our nature of work where we need to be on standby for 24/7 and there are times that we will not be able to have our meal (especially Suhaila!). He told us that we are welcome to eat anything, anytime and everything is on him. We could even have a room service anytime should we came back late at night or too tired to go to the restaurant / coffee house downstairs. He is such a noble man. I am truly humbled by his generousity.

I never missed the buffet breakfast! I just love buffet breakfast!
This was my dining area for a week. Taman Sari Brasserie.
(Photo taken from Hotel Istana website)
I will take my family for a buffet dinner in Taman Sari next month. The kids keep bugging me to bring them to Hotel Istana - they wanted to go to the hotel where Mama sleep for the whole week. 

This is my/our room. Yes, a suite. We need to be close to the First Lady's room, remember? She is in the Stateroom, so...
This is the plan of our room. A living room, a bedroom with huge comfortable bed and two bathrooms. Two TV sets as well. I usually crashed on the sofa in the living room should I need to express the milk for baby Nazmi.
(Photos taken from Hotel Istana website)
The whole team from Hotel Istana is very experienced and well-coordinated. I am deeply indebted to the excellent Sales team - Ms Amy and Ms Shalina, for being there for us although they have children waiting for them at home. They will accompany us for dinner whenever they are free. They will also check whether we have had our meal whenever we came back to the hotel. They showed us the true Malaysian Hospitality.

The housekeeper, safety and security team of the Hotel Istana are excellent. Thanks to the Chief Security, Mr Musa and his team (Mr Putera, Mr Junaidi, etc) and the Executive Housekeeper, Mr Zanil Abdin, and his team. They were there 24/7, just a call / an SMS away, very well-coordinated. They blocked the elevator, clear the hallway/lobby whenever the First Lady delegation departs/arrives at the hotel. 
I highly recommend this hotel to any agencies which will be hosting the Country Guest / Tetamu Negara in the future. They will take a great care of the Guest as well as the local team accompanying the Guest. Hotel Istana is the best!

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